The Curious Machine Slots

The well-designed 5-reel, 30-payline, 3D video space comes complete with a story about the founder and his live robot. With its vivid sound effects of vibrating gears and high-quality graphics packed with cogs, wheels, robots, and steam engines, this game can surely satisfy Jules Verne fans and the Steampunk genre.

About The Curiosity Machine

The Curious Machine online slot game has a Fantasy theme, though you will quickly see features from Adventure and animal themes. Of course, if you enjoy such slot titles - having fun exploring all the features of this slot machine will be unique. The Curious Machine is the best game developed by Betsoft that you will always want, with a 3D slot game. It is named Miles Bellhouse for his Curious Machine. This game is beautiful and very rewarding. The slot's title revolves around a weird designer, and his new design, a game you need to know, will lead you back in time. At the same time, beautiful graphics, activities, and sound accompanied by spins seem to fit the theme wonderfully.

Theme And Graphics

As if amazing 3D graphics had come in handy, The Curious Machine slot game comes full of unique and futuristic bonus features. First, get Travel Through Time Symbols scattered anywhere in the reels to launch the Time Travel Bonus. Then, if you go around looking inside, join Miles and his robot friends as they run away from his eyes and walk out in time. Betsoft's latest 3D slot theme in the once-popular concept of the passage of time has appeared in in-game characters' design while introducing special features to both the past and the future. As a result, the 5-reel 30 payline slot has a unique feel and is bound to ensure the best gaming experience. In addition, reel Rewind and Double Up options are available to increase your chances of winning during regular play.

Vortex Wild Symbol

Vortex Symbol stands for Wild. If no win happens on the reels and a Vortex Mark appears, Vortex will work. Vortex rotates any touch-up icons, allowing for a new set of symbols and a new chance to win. The Reel Rewind feature provides a Second Chance to win. Reel Rewind starts randomly when no win happens on the reels. One of the five medals may go randomly, giving you a second chance to win.

Dinosaur Scatter And Free Spins

In the Ultimate Blast Machine Bonus, players get three or more dinosaur symbols scattered anywhere on the reels to launch the exciting Free Spins round. Then, go back in time to the land of the lost and get bonus credits. Each time the reels turn, a random multiplier will work. After any winning combination, players can choose to Double. During this little game, you try to guess which robot hands contain the coin.