Rook's Revenge Slots

Rook's Revenge Slots

Meet the natives of the jungle and see if you can get lucky along the way to Rook's Revenge. This 3D video space from Betsoft contains many bonus features, good graphics, and many chances of winning. You can try Rook's Revenge right here for free or visit any of the Betsoft casinos listed below to try for real money.

About Rook's Revenge

Rook's Revenge is an excellent online 3D video slot based on the Aztec Chief of South America that will take you to the depths of its ancient Aztec culture and welcome you with a treasure beyond your uncontrollable dreams. Betsoft introduced Rook's Revenge to five high-tech casinos with three reels and 25 non-convertible payment lines. The game has a host of bonus features, including bonus symbols, wild symbols, explosive symbols, a free throw feature, multiples, and a 2,500-jackpot bonus, and it is one of the best online casino slots.

Theme And Design

The scenes in Rook's Revenge are unique, and you can see Chief Rook himself dancing in a variety of styles as the winning combination begins. The cartoons of this game are hilarious and give the cartoon look and feel. The reels are full of an assortment of Aztec totems, and the sound effects are ideally suited to the Mayan theme featured in the game. Reels are placed in front of the Aztec temple while various plants and trees adorn any side of the reel set. The control panel fits the whole team very well, with Chief Rook congratulating you near the reels.

Symbols and Payouts

Colorful stone squares introduce Signs, each showing a different face that compliments the theme. There are seven different faces with different colors, including red, purple, blue, gold, green, yellow, and silver. Each symbol represents seven Aztec deities, all of which offer a host of prizes that can be both powerful and rich when displayed on a racket.

Bonus Features

The gold question mark on the black stone will serve as a wild symbol and will only appear on the second to fourth rows. The question mark is a wild symbol representing all standard symbols. A gold-plated mask painted on a white stone will represent a Scatter mark that appears only on the first, second, and third wheels. The mask Scatter symbol unlocks free spins within the slot game.

Exploding Symbols

Every time you can display the same symbols to create a win, the winning symbols will explode in a stunning 3D way, causing many characters to descend from the top and fill in the blanks. Additionally, with each subsequent explosion, the repetitive value will increase by 1x, and you can earn up to 5x the repetition value.

Free Spins Bonus

To activate the free spins, display at least three gold masks on one, two, and three reels. Once activated, you receive 20 spins that start automatically. You'll be happy to know that the explosive bonus feature will be handy during the free rotation feature. With each successive win, the repetition rate will increase from 3x and continue to expand to 15x when the five winning combinations are started in a row, making it a useful bonus feature.