Monkey Money Slots

Monkey Money is a new video slot. Put three Monkey symbols on the pay line, and you will earn in the pocket a winning bonus of 900x for your stake!

About Monkey Money

Monkey Money is easy to play, the structure and symbols are brilliant, and the game includes marked cash prizes, bet numbers per line, credits earned, and your account balance. The interface is easy to use, and play is easy to integrate and fun. Bonus rounds and high payouts quickly compensate for the lack of repetition, wildlife, and dispersal. Monkey Money is the simplest and easiest video slot you will ever find. It is a great place to start if you are interested in introducing 5-reel spaces in your online gaming session. The interior graphics are of the right quality, although they are deficient in quality compared to most developer games. It also has one particular feature cycle that you can launch, but more on that later.

Theme And Symbols

The game takes place in a tropical background, though the symbols on the reef are very close to those from the regular slot game. Monkey Money has a theme around a tropical forest full of fresh and unusual fruits. The game is on a beach with coconut trees raising the wheels. As is a common feature in many of Betsoft's nine pay line games, the pay lines have many directions. The icons have a variety of fruits and seaweed, coins, and monkey symbols, which are associated with the slots game name and include Watermelons, Bananas, Cherries, Oranges, Grapes, Red 7, and Palm Trees, Coconut, Monkey Face, and Coins. Cherries and plum symbols come first, which can provide a reward from two views on the winning line. Then comes red number 7, followed by watermelon and orange. Many bananas come next as a brand, costing up to $5,000. Then there are coconut trees, monkeys, and gold coins, the latter of which can reward you with up to $25,000 as a win.

Betting Options

Coin price options range from $0.02 to $1. Playing all paid lines allows you to bet a limit of 45 coins. The average jackpot value is 25,000 coins. The slot has a five-reel, and a three-dimensional structure is available, which made it seem like we could put together a lot more things than we do. In all of these properties, you can bet on nine pay lines. You can customize how many of these are active at any time simply by using the Select Lines button. Additionally, you can change your bet by choosing a currency between $0.01 and $1 and changing the stake for each line between one and five. That means that a total chance of $45 per spin is possible.

Coconut Wild Bonus

There is no wild mark and no frame, and the coconut mark appears on the reeds, and it will collect by a monkey standing at the bottom of the screen. Once he has collected three, the bonus round begins. In the bonus round, you get a few coconut trees, and you have to click on them for the monkey to pick them up and throw them down to reveal the winners. The round ends when you pick up a rotten coconut.