Dim Sum Prize Slots

Welcome to a tasty proposition – the chance to play a new slot game based on some Cantonese delicacies. Dim sum is well known among many lovers of this cuisine. If you fancy seeing what it looks like on the reels of a slot game, now is your chance.

Dim Sum Prize is here to serve up some steamer baskets offering all manner of traditional morsels to eat. But can those baskets lead to prizes as well?

Developer details for Dim Sum Prize

This game has been released by the popular outfit Betsoft.

Demo accessibility is guaranteed

Some casinos may ask you to sign into your account to play it, while others may provide access to the demo without needing to be a member.

A truly tasty theme

The reels are displayed with a fine spread of steamer baskets. Each one contains something delightful to eat. A few dishes are on plates too. Everything looks good enough to feast on in this slot game. The foodie theme is always a popular one, so we think this game is going to do well.

An accurate design

Do you think the dishes in the Dim Sum Prize slot game could look any more realistic than they do? We doubt it. The game does well to draw you in to get involved in the action.

Reels, rules, and more in Dim Sum Prize

There are five reels to spin as the game begins. You won’t see any progressive jackpots around though – just the regular prizes you would expect to see.

There are two important icons to look for. The first is a wild symbol, shown as a blue teapot. This is called the Teatime Wild, so no surprise there. Whenever a wild appears on the reels, it remains in that position and you get a free respin of everything else. If several wilds appear at once, you’ll see a number reflecting the respin quantity you’ll get – up to nine.

The scatter icon is a Crimson Coupon. We’ll tell you more about that in a bit. There is a third important icon too, and this is a Bamboo Basket.

Paylines in Dim Sum Prize

There are 10 paylines to play on and all of those are fixed.

How much does the game cost to play?

Probably less than you think. With 10 lines you might guess at a minimum of 10 cents, but the smallest wager is half that amount. Yep, five cents cover 10 lines. Other wagers are available too, reaching the maximum of $10 per spin.

Paytable information for Dim Sum Prize

This game does have a paytable. It explains more about the game and displays all the icons, so you’ll know what they look like ahead of playing. We suggest you do check it out before you start.

A Bamboo Basket Bonus

It’s not a bonus round, but you can look for this icon to appear on any spin. When it does, you’ll see the lid is removed to show you the contents. One of two things will be inside:

• A Crimson Coupon • A Teatime Wild

The wild acts in the normal way by freezing for a free respin. The coupon scatter would be of use if the same spin resulted in two other scatters appearing elsewhere. This would lead you to the round we are about to cover.

Free spins to be won by those coupons

Yes, you will receive five free spins whenever three Crimson Coupons show up in a spin. Those coupons are changed into sticky wilds. Whenever other Teatime Wilds appear, those stay in their positions as well. So, although only five free games are given, you’ll notice that you stand a good chance of earning plenty of respins too.

Lots of sticky wilds appearing is a good thing, and we found this feature lasts longer than the standard five spins on most occasions.

Do we know what the RTP is?

No, not yet – we’ll let you know if Betsoft makes that information available.

Does our rating reach a high level?

Yes – we think Dim Sum Prize has earned 9/10. While it doesn’t include second screen bonuses, the inclusion of the Bamboo Basket and the scatter and wild icons make it better and more involved than you’d think. It’s a nice addition to the Betsoft collection.

Set your bet before you look at the prizes

We say this because the paytable works out the return on each successful combo according to the bet you are placing on each spin. So, work out your bet first and then see what the prizes would be.

Demo play is the ideal start

Everything in the demo game is identical to the real thing. You can never tell what the outcome of a spin would be, of course, but you can get a feel for Dim Sum Prize. You can also see if you like it enough to switch.

Will you play for real?

If you like the sound of the Dim Sum Prize slot game, you’ll spot it cropping up at plenty of online casinos that take on Betsoft slots.

You can play on your mobile device as well

You can indeed, with mobile accessibility fine to use on Android, iOS, and a range of other platforms. Tablets and smartphones work well here.